Adecco Bus Fitout


Adecco Group


Nguluway Designinc

Client Project Manager

Adecco Group

Delivery Model

Design & Construct




24 weeks

Project Size


Project Summary

DLG SHAPE was engaged to complete the fitout of a bus for Adecco, as part of their Defence Careers contract, to be utilised as a recruitment office space for the Australian Defence Force.

This was an exciting and unusual project for the team and a first for DLG SHAPE to be fitting out a moving office space. As the bus was built in Melbourne by Tru Bus, the DLG SHAPE team worked collaboratively across both Sydney and Melbourne to ensure a seamless delivery of the final product.

DLG SHAPE delivered the project under a Design and Construct method, during this process the team oversaw the design from Nguluway Designinc, procured a suitable bus, and managed the entire fitout process, including procurement of bus-specific items.

Traditionally, the team specialises in fitout and refurbishment works for buildings, this project stood out as a unique challenge in which they had to source and secure a bus, followed by carrying out a fitout on the bus itself. This departure from their typical building fitouts demanded a shift in their approach. Unlike their conventional projects, the team had to navigate the regulations and requirements governing bus construction.

Notably, reflective materials and finishes were utilised to make the bus look and feel bigger internally.

A challenge of this project was finding an available bus, as most buses are custom-made. After securing a bus, the team had to align the design with its subcontractors, addressing any issues related to the bus’s dimensions and coordinating them with the proposed design.

The pinnacle of this journey was the moment when the fully-equipped mobile office rolled into Canberra, ready for its official handover to Adecco on schedule for Day 1 of their contract. The Adecco Bus Fitout project exemplifies the team’s adaptability and commitment to delivering exceptional results, even in unconventional settings. This innovative mobile office now serves as a testament to the possibilities of repurposing everyday vehicles into functional, cutting-edge workspaces.