Indigenous Desert Alliance, Desert Hub


Indigenous Desert Alliance



Client Project Manager

Bateup Consulting

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Perth, WA


25 Weeks

Project Size


Project Summary

DLG SHAPE collaborated with Hassell and other build partners to create The Desert Hub, a space dedicated to Indigenous Desert Rangers and their land management organisations in the capital city of Perth, situated on Whadjuk Noongar country. The project aimed to provide a comfortable and culturally secure environment for meetings and gatherings, furthering the mission of the Indigenous Desert Alliance (IDA) in advocating for the protection and rehabilitation of Country.

Through extensive yarning sessions with IDA members and rangers, the design process prioritised creating a space that reflects the connectedness and natural features of the Australian desert. These consultations facilitated meaningful conversations and knowledge exchange, empowering all involved to approach the project with greater cultural awareness and sensitivity.

The resulting space encompasses various features including an entrance area, meeting rooms, communication facilities, office spaces, and amenities, all designed to ensure a sense of comfort and connection for visitors.

The Desert Hub offers versatile spaces for gatherings, storytelling, and community engagement. The project highlights the importance of collaborative efforts, with stakeholders actively involved in decision-making processes, down to selecting symbolic design elements like the perfect shade of red representing the sandy desert areas.

The Desert Hub prioritises creating a culturally safe environment, offering comprehensive facilities, fostering a home-like atmosphere, and providing spaces for community engagement. Additionally, the project emphasises environmental sustainability, utilising 100% repurposed furniture from GreenChair to minimise its ecological footprint.

Overall, The Desert Hub stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and respect for Indigenous ways of working.