Tranby Story Keeping Place Fitout




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Sydney, NSW


16 weeks

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Project Summary

Having previously completed a pro-bono refurbishment of Tranby Indigenous Adult Education & Training Centre, the DLG SHAPE team returned in Tranby’s 65th year of operation to deliver an extensive fitout of its existing facilities and to upgrade technology, creating a state-of-the-art repository and production facility for the keeping, making, and sharing of First Nations people’s stories and oral histories.

Objectives include engaging more First Nations people in storytelling, offering a culturally safe repository, building capacity and employment opportunities, sustaining a community-led social enterprise, and facilitating access to authentic resources.

The Tranby Story Keeping Place project aimed to transform the Glebe premises into a comprehensive cultural hub. This inclusive space integrates various facilities, including the Tranby Library and Reading Room for archival and contemporary resources, the BLACKBOOKS® display aligning with www.BLACKBOOKS.online, and the Tranby Oral History Centre with advanced production capabilities for recording and storing First Nations people’s oral histories, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Operational facilities support BLACKBOOKS publishing and literary sector services, including storage and distribution of locally produced works. The Writers Room provides a dedicated space for First Nations Australia Writers, fostering creativity, while the Our Words Our Way videoconferencing studio for community story sharing.

DLG SHAPE adopted a strategic approach, opting not to implement a staged delivery method. Instead, works were meticulously sequenced and coordinated to seamlessly integrate with the ongoing operations of the client’s core business and activities during the upgrade and fitout. This thoughtful sequencing was programmed and executed as the team advanced to the more detailed design stage within the application process.

In essence, this project solidifies Tranby’s role as a cultural hub, not only preserving heritage but also empowering First Nations people’s voices. It stands as a testament to the organisation’s rich history and unwavering commitment to community service.

Tranby’s evolution into the Story Keeping Place signifies a forward-thinking approach to cultural preservation, community engagement, and economic sustainability. This project not only strengthens Tranby’s legacy but also contributes to the broader narrative of preserving and sharing First Nations people’s stories across generations.